There is no greater emotion than facing a blank canvas.
– Carlos Vivar –

The work of Carlos Vivar reflects a strange combination of passion and sweetness,
fiction and symbolism on sand and mixed colors in different textures full of emotion.
They are captivating works.
Their creations are ripe with a party flavor.
Vivar is a painter and sculptor, self-taught, creative and figurative.

Self-taught painter and sculptor.
(México, DF, México 1964)

Carlos Vivar was born in Mexico City in 1964.

The son of a surgeon and a psychologist, and the second of three siblings, he knew from an early age that he wanted to be a painter.

His schoolbooks and notebooks were testimony to that. Regardless of the subject they would depict in pencil or fountain pen, an array of characters, places and imaginary animals. Later in life he went onto study graphic design in Mexico City and then a master’s degree in graphic art in Milan, Italy.

During this time he also lived in England and Spain, places that would mark and influence his work later on in his life. However, immediately after his studies concluded, he worked as a graphic designer back in Mexico City, and a few years later set up his own graphic design firm. His creativity turned this business enterprise into a successful venture, drawing major international business accounts.

The economic success of this phase in his career was a keystone as it allowed him to abandon graphic design altogether, in spite of its monetary benefits, and dedicate his creativity towards full time painting.


Born in Mexico City.


Live in the city of London, England.


Located in the city of Treviso, Italy
He lives in the city of Milan, Italy.


Return to Mexico City.


It has its first exhibition inaugurated by Mrs. Rosa María Bermudez.


Make more than 50 exhibitions.


He exhibits in the city of New York.


He exhibits in the city of New York.


He exhibits in the city of New York.


He moved to paint in Brussels, Belgium and exhibited right there.


He exhibits in the city of Florence, Italy.


He exhibits in the city of Stockholm, Sweden.


He exhibits in the cities of London / England, Brussels / Belgium and Morges / Switzerland.


He exposes in different venues.


He exhibits and presents his book in the city of New York, TEC. of Monterrey and Bolsa Mexicana de Valores, Colegio Alemán, Aura Galleries, Mex. D.F., etc …


He exhibits itinerantly in Latin America, Belize, Honduras, El Salvador, 5 Individual exhibitions in China, Museum of Anthropology, Mex. D.F., Malinalco Golf Club, Edo. Mex., National Lottery, Mex. D.F., in The Municpal Palace of Naucalpan, Edo. Mex., Cajas Magicas, Mex. D.F., Group of 16, Mex. D.F.


He exhibits at Columbia College, Aura Galerias, Schwarcstein Gallery, XXI Art Gallery, He presents his second book in the ARte XXI Gallery presented by Dr. Agustín Arteaga, Director of Museo Nacional (MUNAL).


He exhibits in the Senate, Tabasco Culture Center, Adberstein San Antonio Texas Gallery, paints Mural of 300×500 cms for the master Sebastian in his workshop, Loma Linda, Involved a bottle of mezcal of 230 cms height for the mezcaliza, Querétaro opening of Torre, Auction at López Morton, record his first music CD at Sony Music, Give a workshop at the Beau Soleil College Alpin International school in Aigel, Switzerland. He exhibits individually in the embassies of Belgium and in the United Kingdom and also presents his book II, American School Mexico DF, Auction Mortar Lopez, Exhibits at the Club de Industrales in the city of Querétaro.


He exhibits in the Museum individually MAQRO de Queretaro. Exhibits at the Embassy of Mexico in Belgium, Brussels. At the Lyceum in Brussels inaugurated by Ambassador Eloy Cantu. Expo at the Mexican cultural center at the University of Antwerp, Belgium. Exhibits at the Embassy of Mexico in the Netherlands, The Hague inaugurated by the ambassador. Exhibits at the Michael Marciano Galerie Gallery in Paris. Exhibits at the Zari Gallery Gallery in London, England. ODevela plaque of Quarry in the Municipality of Naucalpan, with its name as an exemplary character in the parquet Paseo Barragan in Satelite, Naucalpan, by the Municipal President.


He exhibits in the Gallery Partage in Brussels, Belgium. Exhibits at the Gallery Zari Gallery in London, England.